What We Do

The greatest threat to the Mojave’s animals is the continued loss and degradation of their habitat due to global warming and other human interference. MAP’s programs provide individuals and communities access to information and resources that encourage the protection of the Mojave’s ecosystems.

Mojave Animal Protection:

Strengthens the human-animal bond and encourages collaboration by hosting community events, including EarthFest Joshua Tree and Blessing Of The Animals.

Operates community programs that address critical needs within Mojave communities, including Mojave Pet Food Bank, Mojave Plastic Project and Mojave Reading Project.

Empowers individuals and groups to improve their communities by providing them (through fiscal sponsorship) with access to funding opportunities limited to tax-exempt organizations.

Conserves and restores natural spaces animals need to survive.

Produces Mojave-centric educational material for children. MAP’s desert conservation lesson plans, coloring pages, activity books and stories will be available digitally and in print form. MAP distributes printed materials in remote areas where homes and schools may lack internet access.