Lil Mo’s Desert Descent










Lil Mo’s Desert Descent is a digital and print educational tool to engage children in conservation. The introductory story will be available in May 2017 – individual activity pages are available now.

Lil Mo’s Desert Descent features:

Lil’ Mo (Mojave) – a young Desert Bighorn Sheep

Big Mo (Mojave) – Lil Mo’s father

Clementine & TJ – An adult Mojave Desert Tortoise and her son

James “my friends call me Jack” Rabbit

Gram & Emmylou – A Bobcat and a Kit Fox

Roar’y – An adult Mountain Lioness

The Three Amigos – A Rattlesnake, a Scorpion and a Black Widow Spider


Lil Mo’s Desert Descent is (c) copyright Kelly Overton.