Desert Hike For Animals 2016

Founder Kelly Overton launched Mojave Animal Protection by hiking from Joshua Tree, CA to Las Vegas, NV during the heart of the summer of 2016! Kelly left Joshua Tree the evening of July 18 and completed the hike the morning of August 2 at Hand Me Ups in Las Vegas’ Downtown Container Park. Hand Me Ups is a charitable thrift store launched by high school students Julia Reguera and Ava Zech.

Here’s the mapOmeter of the route Kelly followed

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“Launching a small nonprofit is challenging. Every dollar counts and we lacked the resources to gain media exposure without doing something drastic.” Overton said, “People are very generous in emergencies – they give to rescue an individual animal or to meet a pressing need – but the isolation of the Mojave hides the scope of animal suffering, and the fact that unless we act now we continue to expedite the loss of species – including the Desert Tortoise.” “I decided to do something to grab people’s attention and felt hiking the Mojave in July would do that.” He believed by engaging people on social media during the hike he could “illustrate the existing cultural richness of the area and its economic and environmental importance to everyone in the United States.” Overton says, “The Mojave isn’t a wasteland, its home to diverse human communities, as well as some of the world’s most fascinating plants and animals.”

Thank you to the 2016 sponsors of Mojave Animal Protection’s Desert Hike for Animals.

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